Best Gift for People Who Work On Their Feet

Shiatsu Foot Massager: Best Gift for People Who Work On Their Feet

Best Gift for People Who Work On Their Feet

If you're stuck on a gifts for people who work on their feet all day, why not a foot massager? Teachers, athletes, and retail workers will all appreciate a gift that soothes tired, aching feet and legs, and they'll enjoy those benefits long after you've vacuumed up the last of the tree needles. A foot massager really tells someone you care—after all, what says that better than something that contributes to health and wellness?

Even better is a Shiatsu Foot and Leg Massager from Cloud Massage. This little machine mimics ancient Chinese medicine techniques to deliver soothing pain relief any time. Through this post let's explore reasons why Shiatsu Foot Massager could be one of the best gifts for people who on their feet.

Why Shiatsu massage?

Shiatsu massage is the preferred method for foot and leg massage because it treats the whole body, while acupressure focuses on one area. In Shiatsu, the pressure is stationary and sustained; there aren't the circular and pumping motions you associate with acupressure. 

Shiatsu uses pressure at certain pathways in the body, the meridians, to relieve pain. There are over 7,000 nerves in the foot, so it makes sense that sustained pressure on those nerves releases tension in feet and lower legs. Chinese tradition is that this kind of foot massage not only make your feet and lower legs feel better, but also releases energy blockages in the rest of the body. The theory is that when the meridians are blocked, there's pain. Massage breaks through those blocks, which in turn alleviates pain and stress, and can speed muscle recovery after injury.  With a Shiatsu Foot and Leg Massager, the rolling massage and compression therapies help release those blockages in the comfort and privacy of your home. And who doesn't want to have less pain and tension, especially if you can do it without medication?

Benefits of at-home Shiatsu Foot Massage

Shiatsu Foot Massage Machine

Well, you don't have to make an appointment—unless you fight with your partner for massage time (in this case, get two). And you get to relax at home, where there's no traffic to re-stress you after you're relaxed and happy. Aside from the convenience of Shiatsu massage, there are some documented health benefits, both physical and mental.

Pressure points of the body, from the feet up

Your feet are truly the foundation for your body, and these meridians flow up to the different parts of you. Shiatsu foot massage affects more than your feet; here's where the exact parts of your feet impact other areas. 

  • Outside of right foot—liver
  • Outside of left foot—spleen
  • Instep—spine
  • Toes—head and face
  • Heel—lower limbs, back, and genitals 
  • Soles of feet—kidneys

In case you ever wondered why you feel so great after a pedicure, this explains it. Imagine how the gift of a foot massager will make people feel!

Why Shiatsu Foot Massager as a Gift?

Shiatsu Foot and Leg Massager isn't just a gift for people who work on their feet all day. If you're in a chair most of the day and don't walk around much, your feet can swell. A foot massage boosts circulation where the blood tends to pool, which helps repair and grow new cells. Athletes recovering from foot or ankle injuries get better circulation and faster healing, with the added benefit of stronger and more flexible joints. After you're back working out and playing, keep using the Cloud Massager as a therapeutic preventative. 

Lower blood pressure

Most Americans lead pretty sedentary lives, and high blood pressure is entirely too common. Stress and poor diets also contribute to hypertension, but weekly foot massage can help in lowering blood pressure—just 10 minutes a week for better health and lower anxiety. The solar plexus of the foot—the crease when you squeeze your foot in half—is the pressure point for that energy pathway. 

Better circulation 

Unless you're a gymnast or Pilates instructor (in which case you already have a Cloud Foot Massager), your feet don't get much exercise. And if you're on your feet all day, even the most orthopedic shoes can't help with muscle atrophy and circulation. Pamper your feet and heal you body with 10-20 minutes of foot massage before bed, and your circulation will get better. If you're diabetic, this therapy is extremely beneficial. 

Edema—swelling of the feet and ankles— is common during pregnancy. Gentle daily Shiatsu foot massage can alleviate the fluid retention that causes edema, and it does feel so food on aching feet. 

Better immune function

Teachers, you'll do anything to stay healthy for your kiddos—so treating yourself to the gift of foot massage is for the kids, right? The truth is that routine foot massage increases the white blood cell activity that fights infections in your body—you're less likely to get and keep a minor cold, for example. Foot massage also can lower cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone that teachers are all too familiar with, as are retail workers and health care professionals. 

Emotional benefits of Shiatsu foot massage

When you're relaxed, you sleep better. Giving yourself a gentle foot massage before bed does the trick, and unlike the massages you get in a spa, you're not covered in oils and creams so you can tuck yourself right in. And since foot massage releases tension all over the body, adding routine massages to your schedule can lower anxiety by up to 50%.

Foot massage can also boost your energy levels, but the best benefit of all? There's something about a foot massage—even from a high-tech machine—taking away the stresses of the day so that those pesky bedtime headaches go away, and you're more likely to be in the mood at bedtime. Win-win. 

Why the Cloud Massager?

Shiatsu Foot and Leg Massager features state-of-the-art technology that delivers whole-body relief via three intensity levels, and five massage settings. Rolling massage eases heel spurs and the inflammation of Plantar Fasciitis, while heat and compression treat diabetic neuropathies. There's even s swaying setting to loosen stiff joints, and it all happens quietly so there's no added stress from machine noise. 

For someone who spends a lot of time on their feet—teacher, athlete, dog walker, health care worker, or retail worker—a foot massager is the best kind of gift, anytime. Don't wait for a special occasion, make today special and give the gift of health and wellness right away!