Woman massaging her feet in bed.

Top 4 Benefits of a Foot Massage Before Bed

Woman giving herself a foot massage in bed.

The benefits of foot massage before bed span your overall wellbeing. A good rub on your feet can release healing properties that boost your overall health. It can also release calming endorphins that help put your mind at ease. Overall, the feeling is so good and satisfying that you just can't help but drift off into a peaceful sleep.  

Here is an overview of four of the best benefits of getting a foot massage before bed. This guide also includes a simplified guide on how to massage your feet before going to sleep. 

Benefits of a Foot Massage Before Bed 

Foot massage has dozens of health benefits, both psychological and physiological. Some of the most notable ones include: 

1. Improving Blood Circulation 

Tight shoes don't leave enough room for blood to circulate properly in the feet. Additionally, many people live sedentary lifestyles, denying their feet enough exercise for proper blood circulation. 

Foot massage helps to loosen the muscles and ligaments in the fit, creating enough room for blood to flow freely. It also helps stimulate nerves in the feet, creating feeling in numb regions. Additionally, foot massage can help lower blood pressure by applying measured pressure on strategic acupressure points in the feet

2. Calming the Mind 

Massaging feet before bed can also help ease the stress and fatigue of a long and hard day at work. Applying pressure at targeted acupressure points connected to the central nervous system can trigger the release of healing and relaxing hormones. Additionally, the sensation of rubbing is soothing and relaxing. 

To this end, related studies show that regular foot massage can help reduce mental conditions such as depression, stress, and anxiety by as much as 50%. It sounds like an ideal way to end a long and tiring day. 

3. Improving the Immunity System 

Foot massage is so efficient that it can improve your overall immunity system. It does this by actively boosting the body's natural healing elements and suppressing negative elements that pose a threat to the body. 

For example, foot massage invigorates the white blood cells, increasing the immune system's resistance against common infections. Additionally, foot massage actively reduces the production of the hormone cortisol, which is known to make the body vulnerable to chronic health issues. It also boosts the production of healing hormones

4. Encouraging Better Sleep 

Massaging feet before bed is an excellent way to court sleep for people experiencing difficulty sleeping. It is so efficient that physicians often prescribe foot massage for insomnia, and cultures worldwide have been rubbing feet to go to sleep for centuries. 

Rubbing the feet and applying pressure at strategic points on the feet can help trigger the release of relaxing hormones, as explained. The sensation is also relaxing, making it easier to fall asleep. 

Why Massage Your Feet Before Bed? 

The benefits of foot massage before bed cannot be overstated. Regular massage can have extensive health benefits for your body and mind, as mentioned. Consequently, rubbing your feet regularly seems a small (and rather enjoyable) price to pay to enjoy a long and healthy life. 

However, the most obvious and immediate benefit of foot massage before bed is a better sleeping experience. It is a natural and usually efficient remedy for insomnia; it is also easy, and you can do it yourself. 

Speaking of beds, it is also worth noting that foot massage can help improve your sex drive. Massaging the feet helps ease the mind, making it easier to focus on sex. Additionally, rubbing the feet is also an enjoyable (and often efficient) form of foreplay. 

Woman receiving a foot massageHow to Massage Your Feet Before Sleeping 

Feet oil massage is easy and only takes a few minutes. Here is a brief step-by-step guide on how to massage your feet efficiently: 

  1. Wash your feet thoroughly and dry them. 
  2. Sit on your bed in a comfortable position with your legs spread forward. 
  3. Apply massage oil on each of your feet and legs. Massage the feet and legs with a firm hand to loosen up the muscles – concentrate on the sensation to identify crucial acupressure points. 
  4. Massage each foot for about ten minutes before wiping off the excess oil and going to sleep. 

Alternatively, you can buy a foot massager – you can also go all the way and get a bundle foot massager and massage gun. These devices automate massage, so you can kick back and relax as the machine works. 

It is advisable to massage your feet regularly, at least three times per week. It is also advisable to optimize your room for a conducive sleeping environment to enhance the sleep-enhancing benefits of foot massage. 

Final Thoughts 

Foot massage takes ten minutes at most and can have extensive health benefits for your body and mind. Foot massage before bed can also make it easier to fall asleep. As such, ensure that you massage your feet regularly to harness its best benefits!