8 Self Care Gifts for Moms: Mother's Day 2022 Edition

8 Self Care Gifts for Moms: Mother's Day 2022 Edition

- Cloud Massage Brand Team

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner, but knowing what gift to get for your mom can be a challenge. You could ask her exactly what she wants, but showing her you thought about it is a gift in itself. We put together this guide on the best self care gifts for moms, so you can get her a thoughtful surprise she’ll love. It’s also a good time to remember that Mother’s Day isn’t just for the moms in your life. Aunts, Grandmas, and any other caretaker you appreciate will love being celebrated with the gifts from this guide.

Beauty Gift Ideas

Moms deserve to feel beautiful, so getting her a gift that helps her look and feel beautiful is always a winner. Here are a couple of our favorite beauty gifts for mom: 

1. Home Spa Kit

If your mom likes innovative beauty tools, she’ll love the Sdara Skincare Derma Roller. This microneedling roller is the perfect addition to her home spa kit.  Microneedling works by exfoliating away dead skin cells and to reveal the new, glowing, and healthy skin underneath. It has 540 titanium micro needles that help to brighten and rejuvenate the face. The derma roller can even be used on the scalp to help with hair growth stimulation. Mom can pair it with her favorite skin serum to help it absorb better, or you can get her a new vitamin c serum to try!

If the idea of microneedling is too much, a jade roller and gua sha set will complete your at-home spa set up! These tools cool, tighten, and brighten the skin. Pro tip: put it in the fridge overnight to help combat morning puffiness!

2. Nail Care Accessories

A good nail kit might seem like an overly practical gift for Mother’s Day, but using a good pair of polish or clippers can make a huge difference. Packed together in a sleek leather case, Tweezer Guru has the best fingernail clippers that'd make a great addition to anyone's grooming essentials.

Mental & Physical Wellness Gifts

Moms work incredibly hard, that’s a given. Whether it’s looking after the family at home or thriving at work, moms never stop. Giving yours a gift to help her make time for rest will show that you appreciate all that she does and want to return the favor. Here are some of our top wellness gifts for Mother's Day.

3. Light Therapy Lamps

Light therapy lamps were designed to make moms feel happy - no, really! It’s been shown that mood lamps can have many benefits. Regulating sleep, improving focus, boosting energy, and beating seasonal blues are just some of the ways a list therapy lamp can help. Circadian Optics lights have 10,000 LUX of brightness, the ideal amount to give the most benefits. The lights come in different styles to suit different decor, with adjustable, portable, and freestanding options. 

4. Exercise Accessories

If you’re looking for something that takes care of mom’s physical well-being, an exercise ball is a perfect place to start. These anti-burst fitness balls are great for stretching, exercises, meditation, and even chair alternatives. If you know a mom-to-be, it can be used to help prepare for birth and as a birthing ball. 

5. Weighted Blanket

Nothing encourages a deep and meaningful rest like a Quility Weighted Blanket. The gentle pressure from the evenly distributed glass beads will make your mom feel relaxed after a long day. A weighted blanket promotes better sleep by reducing tossing and turning, as well as providing a feeling of security. The plush and cozy covers are removable and washable, making it one less hassle to take care of. Plus, they come in six different colors, making it easy to match any decor. 

6. Body Massager

Has Mom been complaining about stiff or aching muscles lately? She’d probably love full-body relief from a muscle massage gun. The VYBE Flex is a powerful full body massager that provides a deep tissue massage, wherever she needs it. It has 3 levels of intensity and comes with interchangeable massage tips to target different types of muscles and tissues. Our favorite thing about the Flex is its portability: it fits right into a work or gym bag, and comes with its own carrying case. 

Spa & Bath Luxuries 

What gift guide for Mother’s Day would be complete without spa and bath options? We’ve picked only the best, and we guarantee she wouldn’t be disappointed with any of them. 

7. Foot & Leg Massager 

Give Mom the ultimate in relaxation with the a Shiatsu foot massage machine. This versatile machine works as a calf and foot massager with heat that can transform tired legs. Simply change the angle, and it can massage your legs or feet in a chair or on a bed. The different massage settings can be combined with heat to create the perfect custom massage for stiff joints and muscles. Choose from different levels of rolling massage, swaying function, or compression therapy to relieve a wide range of aches and pains. It’s a great gift for moms who have been on their feet all day, like medical professionals, teachers, or those in the food industry. 

8. Luxury Bath Pillow

Help mom create a heavenly space in the bathroom with a quilted spa bath pillow. This luxury bath pillow provides neck and shoulder support in the tub so your mom can enjoy a soak in true comfort. It features a 3D air mesh design to keep her cool and to prevent the pillow from getting soggy. The six super-strong suction cups keep the bath pillow in place without that troublesome slipping. When she’s done relaxing, it has a hook to hang it up to dry and it can be cleaned in the washing machine. Luxurious and practical; we love it. 

The Takeaway 

There’s something for every kind of mom on this list. Whether she lives a more active or more leisurely lifestyle, we’re confident you’ll be able to pick something she really wants.

Happy Mother's Day!