Woman with constant foot pain massaging the pain in arch of foot

Struggling With Constant Foot Pain? Try These Arch Pain Solutions!

- Cloud Massage Brand Team
Woman with constant foot pain massaging the pain in arch of foot.

Feet can be finicky, and the pain that can come from our feet is really no joke. Whether it’s a stabbing pain in your foot, or a more blunt ache, foot, ankle, and arch pain can be debilitating (and sometimes even day-ending).

So, what helps foot pain exactly? It depends - the cure for those with chronic foot pain may be different than the cure for those who deal with foot pain at night only, or someone who just feels a sharp pain in their foot occasionally. However, rest assured that there are solutions that can help ease away pain relief for our poor feet. From stretching to rest to foot massagers and everything in between, we’ll have you back on your feet in no time.

‘But how??’ I’m sure you’re thinking while you soak your feet in warm water for desperate relief. Well, this article is here to show you - we’re going to go over causes based on where you’re feeling pain, and solutions for pain from standing all day, or just general movement. 

Let’s get moving!

General Causes of Constant Foot Pain

This typically depends on where you’re feeling pain, but here are some overall reasons why you might be feeling pain on your feet soles or outer/inner foot areas: 

Lifestyle factors 

One of the biggest causes of foot and ankle pain is, of course, the shoe you wear! Comfortable shoes with actual support are pivotal, especially for those of us who spend a lot of time walking. Getting a foot massager or a massage gun is essential as well after a long day of work!

Common medical problems 

Issues such as Arthritis, Diabetes, and nerve damage are the most commonly associated with blunt or sharp pain in your foot. If you’re experiencing constant foot pain in various areas because of this, you may want to consult your doctor!


Working out is another factor to be aware of - those who run often may not just find they deal with knee pain, but foot pain as well. Runners, soccer players, basketball players, and football players may deal with this often.

What Causes Pain on the Outer Sides of The Foot?

There are a lot of things that can cause pain on the outer side of the foot, but most commonly, it’s due to sports, injury, or both. Here are some examples: 

Excessive traction 

A lot of traction on your lateral foot bone can lead to immense discomfort. This most often comes from repetitive activities such as ballet, running, and sports. If you play sports and deal with this kind of lateral foot pain often, don’t ignore it! Try to ice your feet and take care of them before it gets worse.

Ankle sprain

While these are obviously associated with our ankles, they’re actually a ligament injury in the foot! This is actually the cause for a majority of lateral foot/ankle pain.

Tendon inflammation

Repetitive motions can cause your peroneal tendons to become inflamed and (super) painful, causing fatigue AND foot pain. This is often the cause of stabbing pain in your foot, and most often a result placing your foot abnormally or running!

Corns and calluses

We’ve all dealt with them at one point or another, but they can actually develop to become quite painful. Calluses are the result of our bodies developing extra layers of skin to protect it against repetitive stress and friction - i.e., they might be caused by your shoes or the way you’re walking. These are a particular pain, because they can cause foot pain from standing alone.

What Causes Pain on the Inner Sides (Arch) of the Foot?

If you find yourself often asking ‘Why does the arch of my foot hurt?’ a) you’re not alone, and b) this section is for you. The arch of our feet absorbs shock, stabilizes our movement, and takes on a lot of our weight - so it’s no wonder why it comes under strain sometimes. Here are the general causes of arch pain


If you suffer from a great deal of inner foot pain, or even flat feet, it’s possible that it was from overuse. You may also have non-supportive shoes - change ‘em out!


Unfortunately, arch pain can also just be a sign of aging. There is no huge cause, just try to make sure you care for your feet properly with supportive footwear.

Weight gain

If you have suffered from substantial or fast weight gain, it’s possible your arches haven’t quite yet grown accustomed to the weight change. This can lead to quite a bit of pain in the arch of your foot.

Plantar fasciitis

This is the most common cause of inner foot arch pain, as well as the most reported - so don’t stress if you’ve got it. It’s caused by inflammation, overuse, or injury to the plantar fascia (the ligament that connects the front of your foot to your heel). If you have this, you may feel pain and stiffness in your heel and arch, and get worse the longer you’re on your feet.

How to Stop Foot Pain

For General Pain: These are the best ways to stop constant foot pain, or at least ease it.

Apply ice to the affected area

This can eliminate swelling and help deal with blunt pain.

Take over-the-counter pain medication

This is only recommended if you’ve talked to your doctor. Medical foot pain relief products and pills can often provide quick relief, but should only be used temporarily.

Elevate your foot

This is a great solution for those with chronic foot pain, as it alleviates an immense amount of pressure off of your feet and keeps your blood circulating.

Wear supportive shoes

This can’t be repeated enough! This is the predominant cause of a lot of foot problems - lateral, arch, and just general pain.

How to Soothe Sore Feet from Standing All Day:

Those who wonder how to prevent foot pain from standing all day, read on - there is a solution - and it’s very comfortable:

Using a foot massager

These are a great way to get even pressure and solid support after a long, hard day of standing. This foot massager can be great for relief in all of the pressure points that need the most attention.

Home Massage with a massage gun

For those dealing with constant foot pain at work, we’ve got you covered there, too - this massage gun can be perfect for those who need relief on the go.

Soak your feet in warm water.

This solution doesn’t work quite as well as the other two, but is good in a pinch. Fill up a tub with warm water (and Epsom salts, if you have any), and soak your feet for around 20-30 minutes.

How to Soothe Outer Pain:

Compress the foot

Use an elastic bandage to wrap around the affected area. This is a great way to see immediate relief and ease some of that pressure!


This is important - be sure to elevate your foot above heart level to see the best results. This can help with both fatigue and foot pain!

See your doctor

If your chronic foot pain persists, it’s time to see a professional. More often than not, you can find a solution - whether it be massage, medication, or a massage gun.

    How to Soothe Inner Arch Pain:


    Do your feet feel tight all the time? You might not be stretching them enough! Our feet need just as much stretch time as the rest of our body - so don’t exclude them from your workout or yoga routine!

    Avoid unsupportive footwear

    We’ll repeat this as much as we can - unsupportive footwear is one of the biggest causes of arch pain, and is also the most easily avoidable. Wear footwear with proper arch support, and watch your foot pain start to fade!

      Final Thoughts

      We hope this article has helped you get a better understanding of the causes of (and solutions to) your constant foot pain. If you’re looking for other solutions, tips, tricks, and helpful products, feel free to check out our website

      Now get out there and step with confidence again! 

      Contributing Writer: Aurora Detor