How to Use a Foot Massager?

How to Use a Foot Massager?

benefits of foot massage

Your feet happen to be one of those body parts that take a lot of hammering throughout the day. First they have to support your whole body weight, second they do not get the special treatment they deserve because of the fact that you tend to ignore them.

If you have a job that demands standing for long, or you are into regular exercising, or you feel that your feet are hurt or tired, it’s probably because they are overworked. Tired feet can result in other complications and can hinder your everyday routine. It is imperative to maintain strong feet especially if you are into athletics and do not want anything to hinder your performance. Healthy feet also play a significant role in weight training and CrossFit training.

Countless types of massage machines that have been specifically built for the purpose of feet massage are now available everywhere. Before you decide to buy one, it is important to understand how they work and how they can benefit you. So read on about massage benefits and learn how a foot massage machine can be helpful or you.

 Benefits of Foot Massage

  1. Improves Blood Circulation:  

A lifestyle that remains sedentary for long will end up making your muscles use the rest state they are always in. Little or no exercise will decrease blood circulation in your soles; but massaging them will increase oxygen supply and improve blood circulation not just in your feet but your entire body.

  1. Injury Prevention: 

Regular sessions of foot massage will reduce soreness that is a result of overuse. They’ll also help improve ankle mobility and prevent injury.

  1. Reduce Anxiety & Depression: 

Foot massage will not only give you joy but also calm and soothe you. It is an effective tool for addressing anxiety and depression.

  1. Decreased Cortisol Levels: 

Cortisol is a stress hormone; high levels of cortisol result in increased anxiety, blood pressure and heart rate. Foot massage is known to reduce cortisol levels.

  1. Controls Insomnia: 

Foot massage is considered to be an effective therapy for managing the symptoms of insomnia by reducing depression, pain and anxiety.

  1.  Headaches/Migraines: 

Foot massage falls in the category of reflexology which has been found to alleviate headaches and migraines.

  1. Controls Blood Pressure:

Research conducted on people that have tough jobs have shown that a foot massage can control hypertension.

  1. Pain Control: 

Many foot issues such as plantar fascia can be managed by regular foot massage as it reduces soreness.

  1. Management of Edema: 

In the last trimester of pregnancy, many women suffer from swollen feet and swollen ankles. This is because of fluid retention and is known as edema. It can be controlled and addressed by regular foot massage.

  1. PMS Symptoms: 

During PMS many women suffer from sadness, depression, mood swings, headaches, etc. A daily foot massage can help in alleviating these symptoms.

How To Use Different Types of Foot Massage Machine

Some people would roll their feet on a tennis ball or frozen water bottle to relieve foot pain. However, you don’t need to go through all that hassle because you can select from numerous types of foot massagers with amazing features. There are primarily four types of foot massage machines which we shall discuss below:

1. Manual Foot Massagers

manual foot massager


A manual foot massager can actually be anything in round or cylindrical shape which you can roll your feet on. They are usually in the shape of a tube. You can roll your entire foot on these tube shaped massagers and they provide you with rolling therapy. Some of them are equipped with numerous rollers so that they can cover your entire feet. They are easy to use and affordable as well. Some physicians advise using these rollers for relieving pain that is caused by plantar fasciitis. They are easily storable and you can carry them anywhere. However, they may not be as effective as electric foot massagers.

2. Electric Foot Massagers

leg and foot massager machine

Electric massagers do not require  you to roll your feet on them; they do all the work themselves. They provide both oscillatory as well as rolling motion. Most of electric foot massage machines are designed to massage both your feet at the same time. Some massagers are big enough to even massage your calves. They are available in various sizes.

3. Spa Foot Massagers

spa foot massager

Spa foot massagers are getting famous among customers due to the fact that they are more relaxing and give you the feeling of getting a spa massage. They have numerous features and are easy to use. They are equipped with a heating unit so you don’t have to heat the water. They can make your feet feel relaxed within minutes. Usually they are also equipped with massage rollers as well as water jets. The moment you place your feet on them the device starts heating the water; at the same time the rollers start vibrating which improves blood circulation and thus relax your feet. Bubbles are created by the water jets; you can also add essential oils to the water and make your feet feel even better.

4. Water Foot Massagers

 water foot massager machine

Water foot massagers are similar to spa massagers with the difference that the former has a larger water supply and is equipped with more features. Water massagers have a faster flow of water and a more powerful rolling action which soothes your feet more than spa massagers can. They are mostly digital and you can customize them as per your preferences. Water massagers also make your feet soft and pretty.


Whenever fitness trainers, physiotherapists and physicians give health tips they always emphasize on the importance of strong and healthy feet. Regular foot massage has various health benefits. It improves the mobility of your feet, helps with better blood circulation, reduces the effects of anxiety & stress and provides a lot of other benefits that are too significant to be ignored. When selecting a leg and foot massager always keep the comfort and benefits in mind instead of just looking at the price. We hope this piece of article helps you find the best foot massager and keep your feet healthy and happy!