best foot massager in USA

Best Foot Massager in the USA

best foot massager

Is your work routine a demanding one that involves standing or walking for long hours? Do you experience pain in your feet for various reasons? If so, a good foot massage twice or thrice a week would be very effective for you. If you are an athlete and undergo vigorous training throughout the week then a foot massager can really come in handy.

There are many benefits of a foot massage including improved blood circulation, depression and anxiety management, improved brain activity, decreased cortisol levels, management of insomnia, migraines and headaches, relief from foot pain, etc. That being said, getting a foot massage from someone else or a professional masseuse may not be a practical idea for everyone. Thanks to technology, you can now enjoy a good foot massage at home using a self-massaging device. It not only provides a number of health benefits but also saves your time and money.

There are a number of foot massagers available in the market in different price ranges with all sorts of features. The question is, which one should you buy? What should be the deciding factors when it comes to selecting the best foot massager. Let us discuss these below.


Before you decide which massager is the best for you, you should consider the purpose for which the machine was built. For instance, some massagers offer simple relaxation or relief from stress, while others have been specifically built to deliver therapeutic benefits and are based on some kind of therapy. For example, some foot massagers employ shiatsu massage technique, some use heat therapy, some use a combination of both while others simply provide vibrational or percussion therapy. 

We recommend you to purchase a foot massager that uses a particular massage technique and therapy such as Shiatsu. The Shiatsu massage technique is Japanese in origin but also has roots in Chinese culture. It can be literally translated as “finger pressure” and is a massage technique that has been in use for hundreds of years. Shiatsu has an entire theory behind it and involves the application of pressure to specific trigger points in your body, also called “pressure points”. This application improves the flow of energy in your body and results in healing a number of issues such as arthritis, chronic pain, hypertension, neuropathy, bunions, menstrual pain and many more. But you do not have to be sick to benefit from this massage technique; regular sessions of Shiatsu therapy can improve your overall health and prevent many health issues. 

Ease of Use  

Keeping a self-massaging device at home has many benefits but if it is not easy to use then this expense would be a waste. Percussion massage guns are easy to use but may not be appropriate for you. There are other hand-held foot massagers which you can use or ask your partner to use on you. But the whole purpose of providing comfort and ease of use would be dead if you have to do it yourself. Your body angle would be extremely awkward for you to reach your feet and massage them. Hence, you should look for a massager that not only does all the work but can also be used anywhere anytime.

The best foot massager would be the one that you can simply put on the floor with your feet on it, switch it on and enjoy the best therapeutic and relaxing massage ever. You should also consider the control panel of your foot massager. It should not be complicated and have user-friendly controls and systems. 


You obviously need to look at your budget before purchasing a foot massager. It should be a device that offers good value for money. One thing is for sure, regardless of the price, it is going to be economical in the long run as compared to the cost of visiting a masseuse or a therapist every week. More important than the price is the durability and life of the foot massager and the features it offers. Spending a few extra dollars for a lifelong health benefit is money well spent. 

Other Important Features 

If you want to buy a good foot massager, be willing to spend some extra money to get the one that has multiple features and offers a variety of therapies. For instance, some foot massagers only provide one type of therapy such as vibrational therapy while others offer different modes (heat therapy, compression therapy, etc) to address different body needs. Similarly, some do not have an adjustable base which means that you can only get a foot massage. Other massagers offer an adjustable base allowing you to vary the height and be able to massage your calves, ankles and legs as well. 

Then there are some foot massagers that do not give you the room to adjust the intensity level, while there are others which give you the option to select from different intensity levels. Also consider the size of the base; you do not want to buy a foot massager which cannot accommodate your foot size or your legs and calves. Some have an open base so that you do not have to worry about your foot size.

Cloud Massager- Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine 

Keeping in view the deciding factors mentioned above, we have found the Cloud Massager to be one of the best foot massagers in the USA. It employs Shiatsu massage technique for self-care and pain relief.  Besides providing a good foot massage, you can use its adjustable base to massage your calves. You also have the option to select from 3 different intensity levels depending on how vigorous you want your massage to be. 

One of the most amazing features of the cloud massager is that you can choose from 4 different massage modes: compression massage, heat therapy, rolling massage, and sway function. The deep tissue massage it provides results in better blood circulation, reduced inflammation, muscle stimulation and muscle recovery. It also provides relief from heel spurs, swelling and Plantar Fasciitis. 

The device is a great tool for athletes and gym enthusiasts because it greatly aids in post and pre-workout recovery by releasing muscle knots and preventing Myofascial. It is also easy to move and store. You can keep it in your living room, bed room or even your office. 

The cloud massager is equipped with a powerful motor for supporting continuous operation and thus has a long life. It has a very easy to use control panel and you do not require any technical expertise to operate it. 

The cloud massager has a happy customer base, as evident from the countless positive customer reviews it has received. Please note that it is the highest rated foot massager on Amazon. Also, it comes with a full warranty of one year; this covers service, repair as well as replacement. The company’s customer service is exceptional and has received commendations from numerous customers based on their experiences.