Cloud Massager Can Help You Deal with These Health Conditions

Cloud Massager is used for massaging feet, ankles and legs. It employs a Japanese massage technique known as “shiatsu” which also has roots in Chinese traditional medicine. This massage technique has been in practice since the 1970s and focuses on the stimulation of pressure points throughout your body. Using the cloud foot massager can have many health benefits which we are going to discuss below.

1. Decreased Blood Circulation

With the help of the cloud massager you can reap the benefits of shiatsu massage therapy, such as an improved blood circulation. If your muscles stay sore for long or you feel fatigued then the primary cause of these conditions is inadequate blood circulation. The cloud massager gives deep tissues massage that increases blood flow. This increases the supply of oxygen which in turn reduces muscle soreness and makes you feel rejuvenated. Another benefit of increased blood & oxygen supply is that your heart & lungs do not have to work harder. In short, regular usage of a cloud foot massager improves your cardiovascular health.

2. Neuropathy

Although neuropathy has many causes, but diabetes remains the primary cause of this condition. Your hands and feet are the most frequent victims of this condition which is basically a nerve dysfunction resulting in numbness & pain. Massage therapies are considered to be one of the most effective alternative treatments for neuropathy and the most beneficial among these is considered to be shiatsu. The cloud foot massager works just like a shiatsu massage therapist and regular usage of this wonderful tool can reduce the effects of neuropathy. 

3. Headaches and Migraines

Migraines are such a nuisance that medical science has not been able to clearly identify the primary cause for them. They have multiple causes and what one can do is manage these symptoms, as there is no credible cure for migraines.  A research was conducted in Denmark regarding the effects of foot massage on people who suffer from regular headaches or migraines and it was found that the frequency of these incidents reduced in people who regularly massaged their feet. Shiatsu massage is considered to be one of the best massage therapies for addressing migraines. It stimulates the acupressure points in your body and helps to relieve tension. The cloud massager does this right there in your home, without the need of visiting a shiatsu therapist.

4. Takes Care of Pains After Running or a Strenuous Workout

Many runners complain of muscle soreness, fatigue and pain after a tough run. Training hard can take its toll on your body. Your body’s recovery process will be hindered if your muscles suffer from inflammation. A cloud foot massager will remove tension from your calves and feet . It will loosen up your tendons that were stretched during running and also reduce muscle soreness. 

5. Arthritis 

Arthritis is one of the most serious medical conditions affecting joints and resulting in mild to severe pain, bone cartilage erosion, inflammation and stiffness. No credible cure for chronic arthritis has been found to date. However, with proper medication and therapy the effects of arthritis can be managed and reduced. One of the recommended therapies is regular massage and shiatsu is ranked among the most effective ones. The cloud foot massager can alleviate pain, reduce inflammation and increase your range of motion. The combined effect of heat and deep tissue massage delivered by the cloud massager is ideal for easing out pressure on your joints.

6. Bunions

At times the front bones in your foot get misaligned or shift out of their place. This tilts your big toe towards your smaller toes. As a result, the big toe’s base joint is pushed outwards in the shape of a bump, this bump is called a bunion. They are caused by obesity, arthritis, genetics, birth deformities or injury. The pain can be continuous or frequent and can result in discomfort. A cloud foot massager can reduce this discomfort and provide you much needed relief from bunions. 

7. Lower Back Pain 

Using the cloud massager on your legs and feet can reduce lower back pain as well. You may wonder how that is possible, but your lower back muscles are connected to your glutes , legs and feet. Some lower back issues, such as lumbago, send sensations down your buttocks and thighs. Using the cloud massager can help you minimize the effects of lower back pain. The heat waves processed by the cloud massager along with its kneading action will reduce tension in your legs and provide relief.

8. Menstrual Pain

Shiatsu massage therapy also provides relief from menstrual pain. Using the cloud massager to stimulate your soles and calves will activate pressure points that will result in relief. It will also soothe your muscles and relax your legs. Menstrual pain in extreme cases can also affect your mood, the calming effect of the cloud massager will make you feel good.

9. Induce Labor 

Shiatsu technique has long been used by the Japanese and Chinese to induce labor. The technique is used in such a way that it activates most of the acupressure points in your body, however this has not been scientifically established and you should consult a physician before using the cloud massager for this purpose.

10. Anxiety and Depression

Even a manual foot massage is known to make you feel better. Imagine what a foot massage device would do which is based on the principle of shiatsu massage. An experiment was conducted on a group of people to see how their bodies and minds react to regular foot massage sessions, it was found that foot massage results in an increased level of endorphins which create calmness and reduce anxiety/depression. 

11. Nausea

Using a cloud foot massager can prevent nausea. The cloud foot massager can address nausea by improving your digestion. Yes! Massaging your feet improves your digestion and when that is done with the help of a cloud foot massager the efficacy of foot massage increases manifolds. It also improves the oxygen supply as we discussed before. All these effects work together to alleviate nausea.