How to Relieve Foot Pain from Standing All Day

How to Relieve Foot Pain from Standing All Day

 - Cloud Massage Brand Team

Woman rubbing heel from foot pain

Your feet are some of the most incredible tools you will ever own. If you've ever looked at a foot diagram, all those little bones and layers of muscle are what keep us upright, mobile, and springy all day. Ancient humans walked across continents, which is amazing, but you can bet their feet hurt! Staying on your feet all day puts extended stress on muscles we rely on most. At the end of the day, your soles may feel pulped and many people ache from toe to knee.

Whether you're a nurse, work at a standing desk, or are facing all-day foot pain on a walking vacation, it's no surprise there are so many ways to help relieve foot pain from standing all day. If your feet hurt after a long day of walking and standing, try a few of these techniques when you get home so your feet feel warm and relaxed by the time you go to bed. You'll be ready to face tomorrow with fresh feet and a new spring in your step.

Heat Therapy for Sore Feet

Heat therapy is one of the best ways to treat sore muscles because heat relaxes the soft tissue in your body. When you warm your feet, that muscle tension can flow away. Your tendons and ligaments will relax as well. Of course, warm socks won't do the trick. There are several ways to give your feet heat therapy.

  • Soak your feet in hot water
  • Lay your feet on a hot water bottle
  • Snuggle your feet into an electric blanket
  • Set them on a heated footrest
  • Use a heated massager

Soak Your Feet in an Epsom Salt Bath

Many people choose a hot foot bath, and not just for the heat. A foot bath also offers you the opportunity to soak your feet in minerals that promote muscle relaxation and healing pulped soles. Epsom salt is especially helpful. Epsom is actually a form of magnesium salt, a mineral often found in sports drinks to promote water absorption and muscle recovery. Epsom salt, while not for ingesting, is wonderful for soaking sore muscles and tired joints. Mix a little Epsom into a warm foot bath and don't be afraid to top up with fresh warm water if you're not done soaking as the water cools.

Your feet will not only feel relaxed and comfortable, it's also great for your toenail beds and cuticles if you need to do a little extra foot care.

Lie Down and Elevate Your Feet

Elevation is another athlete's trick. Putting your feet up absolutely has a scientific purpose, it's not just relaxing. Raising your feet above your heart is the best way to reduce swelling with the help of simple gravity. Of course, most recliners and foot rests don't rise that high. So for your greatest foot recovery, lie on the couch and pile pillows until your feet are above the level of your heart. This is a great time to relax and catch an episode of your favorite TV or podcast.

Do Foot Stretches With Your Feet Up

Foot stretches can also make a big difference, especially if you are trying to condition your feet to handle all-day standing on a regular basis. Most foot stretches are easy to do. Start in a seated position with your feet propped up.

  • Point and flex your toes ten times, trying to point and then flex as far as you can comfortably go each time.
  • Curl your toes tight, then stretch them far ten times
  • Point your toes and circle them, actuating your ankle and arches, clockwise for ten cycles, then counterclockwise
  • Point your toes and roll them to the right, then under toward the left, then back again ten times

Work Out the Tension with a Foot Massage

One of the best ways to relieve foot pain from standing all day is a foot massage. If you have a loved one in your home who is good with their hands, ask them to massage the bottoms of your feet and your calves up to your knees, where tension can build up. A trained masseuse can relieve tension in just a few minutes and even an amateur can quickly learn through tactile feedback where tension lies in your feet and begin relieving those knots and tight tendons.

Use a Heated Shiatsu Cloud Massager

Of course, you don't need to co-opt a living person to get a foot massage every night. If you regularly work all day on your feet, a mechanical foot massager is a great choice for your evening relaxation routine. The Foot & Leg Massager Machine, for example, has innovated a heated shiatsu machine that can massage your feet and calves using patented shiatsu techniques to relieve tension in your feet, ankles, and legs after a long day of standing.

Combined with heat therapy, your foot muscles will relax in just a few minutes. After a Cloud Massage session, you'll be able to enjoy your evening - even cook your dinner standing comfortably - and start the next day with fresh feet and that spring in your step.

At Cloud Massage, we know what it's like to spend all day on your feet, and how tough it can be to ask a loved one to massage your feet every day. So we designed a science-backed system for self-care every night, immediate pain relief, and long-term foot health. If you regularly feel foot pain from standing all day, we would be honored to help you relieve that pain and find the foot recovery you need at the end of a long day.